Sunday, June 1, 2008


In two weeks of working third shift at the hotel I have never been tired. I feel as though my body was meant to stay up all night rather than all day. Strange huh? It seems to be more natural. So far by working the night shift I have been bribed to try to get alcohol after 2:40 am, told "I love you" twice, and seen over at least 300 drunken, idiots. Some days I love my line of work. School is ending and my birthday is quickly approaching, witch is a happy thing, but the majority of my friends are graduating and leaving the area at a run. It amazes me how some people can really hate this place so much. I, personally, don't prefer it but I still would rather live here than some places in the United States. Places like Florida, New York, and California are amazing to visit, although I don't think I'd ever live there for the small fact that little towns and cities would then be quite boring to me, instead of a relief when I arrive back home. I never have had trouble sleeping in high noise areas like New York but I do prefer the quite, mellowness of Roanoke.
Sitting here at work we, as employees, are discouraged to use the Internet or any other programs then "OnQ", our system to check in and out people and some card system that I have yet to actually train on. Ha. Unlike those loyal and trustworthy employees I use the Internet to its fullest and probably just get on every ones nerves with how much I know how to tweet and use it. I think it's quite funny that after three hours of sleep and a twelve ounce can of vault I can still code html and semi hack into FireFox to change the speed settings, if you really call that hacking. I don't. People filter in at the desk at all hours. I've found it quietest from 3:20-3:45AM on busy nights and from 2:45-4-15AM on any regular to slow nights. Which leaves quite a bit of time for reading, working on paper work, and even the occasional nap... no naps actually. They're grounds for dismissal naps are, ha. Do I care? Yeah, I care. People have been checking out from 4 AM till 5 AM, now it's finally slowed down to almost nothing, with the occasional straggler. Why anyone would check out that early is beyond me. Though, I can see if you have to drive and get somewhere on time... yeah I guess it is logical. No one I would know is up this early. I would still be up this early if I wasn't working, I tend to read all night anyways.
Speaking of reading, my newest book is Laurell K. Hamilton's Blood Noir. Another great book added to the Anita Blake series. This one is about Jason: werewolf extraordinaire and hottie. It happens, ha. I've gotten to somewhere in the twenty chapters and so far there has been two sex scenes and plenty of drama. Not to mention Marme Noir is supposed to make her appearance in this book. So over all I think it will be another grand adventure. I'm thinking about reading the Mary Gentry series that she also writes but I don't like fairies all that much. Pestering little buggers. So I might just stick to what I know and wait every year for: Anita Blake. Well I must get back to work, my brake is over and Kristina loves me so much that she wishes that I would take her place and she could just leave already. Haha. Over all the night was pleasant, yeah pleasant is the word alright.

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