Monday, June 2, 2008

Late Night Home.

Work was fine as normal. Day in day out, that sort of mindless repeat we could do unconsciously everyday of our lives and continue to complain about it like it was something new and torturous. I scared Lauren, I hid around a corner with a giant smile, while holding a pin, and when she turned the corner I was there and said "STAB!" I thought it was hilarious. Lauren on the other hand sorta but not so much. Yeah. School was the same routine, although the thought that graduation is less than 11 days away is saddening and full of relief. I'm not too sure if the Stooges are graduating really, I know they have to do summer school or something but who knows anymore. Running around about things never really was my forte. It's really sad to think that they and a few select other seniors are leaving me behind. This happens every year though, but I'm still not used to it. I hope I never am because that would mean that my friends are not important to me anymore. Oh yeah, So I'll cry like crazy on graduation day. For everyone, even those who I know I'll be seeing the next day for some party or to lounge around with. Amazing how no matter what feelings always rule above reality.I don't think the reality of myself graduating will ever really hit me until the day of. Since class of 2009 will be graduating on my birthday next year (June 12th) I'm glad to say I'll turn 18 and graduate. Crazy baby.
My birthday is coming up too. Ten days, yay! I'm completely thrilled that I'm turning 17. I think if I stay 16 any longer I might go mad. I hate even numbers. I'll also be one step closer to not being an anti-pedo. Damn my liking of men that are 18-27! They just seem more respectful than most of the males I know. Which is a complete lie because at any age anyone, especially the male of the species, can be an ass. I've also been quite a bit flirter, I wish I would stop. I don't really know why I do it so much as that I do it because everyone else does it. Though I don't look like anyone else, or act like anyone else's personality, but I sure do suck on to those trends like a cheep whore. That's me. This summer I think I'll loose 30lbs for a starter. Tone up a bit. I can walk to two YMCA's from the Hotel. So I'd get off of work at 7AM and then go work out for like two hours or something and then catch the bus or call mom to come get me and take me home. Sounds like a plan I suppose.
The next time I get paid is actually on my birthday, which is amazing, I'm going to go buy two pair of SKULLCANDY headphones: the ear buds and the DJ ones. Yeah cause next paycheck will be good. Like your mom.

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