Monday, October 19, 2009

Click click clack fucking cold.

As eleven o'clock slowly approaches it dawns on me that I haven't written in quite sometime.
Sad, I know, but so is life.
But, never fret I am here, avoiding homework to just spill my life onto a digital page.
How fun.

Since my last post I have:
Cut my hair.
Booked a trip to Florida.
Almost frozen to death inside my own house.
Neglected many things.
Started working a lot at Bath & Bodyworks.
Booked my trip to Japan.

Along with many other things, I'm sure.

Nothing too exciting or extraordinary. I'm a very nonfantastical person, might I say.
Oh! I have gotten paler, and for once it's not because of the sun, it's because, well, I'm not sure.
I am now reduced to using an illumination stick to cover up my blemishes because cover up is not pale enough. =.=

I love complaining. : ) It allows me to complain about things I can't change or have a hard time changing.

The whole working out thing hasn't been going. I run a bit once or twice a week, but I really need to do something else. The medicines are making me sick on my stomach, and I can't make it stop. If I take them before bed I get extremely sick when I wake up, if I take them in the morning then a couple of hours later I'm sick at school. I just want to shake that puny doctor and tell him that his medical degree isn't worth shit if there is NOTHING wrong with me.
Obviously if I'm still having problems, or rather not having in my case, then there is something wrong and someone needs to fix me cause it's almost unbearable.

Cold is when you have the heat up to 74 degrees and still are wrapped up in two blankets, two pair of pants, tee-shirt and hoodie. With socks... and you are still shivering because in your room it's only 64. In the winter I freeze because air doesn't circulate in my room and the only way I can have the over head light on is to have my fan on. I freeze in the summer because my mother will turn it down to damn 60 degrees when it's only 79 outside. I am rarely comfortable in my house when it comes to temperature. That is, unless I am curled up beside someone, because then my body heat regulates and I'm amazingly comfortable.

That being said, it's cold and heaven-hell-on the cost of my life I touch the thermostat.

See, didn't I say I like to complain. : )

Well, I think I must conclude here. I need to finish up a bit more homework or it's going to be an early morning, think I'll go run some after mom leaves for work. Thinking of that, I believe she should be up.... ohhhhh well.

: )

Some boys take a beautiful girl and hide her away from the rest of the world. I want to be the one to walk in the sun.

Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Life as it's occuring now.

Well, let's see.

School... It's starting soon. :)
I'm exciteddddd :D

So I've officially gotten all of my books (the list) together and found out where my classes are. I've determined that I will be making a line across campus on the days I go. Haha. Anyways I'm going to check out where those classes are on the 17th when I go with Anjy to get my books. Just mention that I'd like to do that anyway. She can defiantly wait in the car if she's tired and I'll hug her when I get back. :P

My SDV teacher emailed me today. She seems very nice. Anjy told me she is like a supervisor in the Library. She gave me the ISB number and info about the paperback version of the book that I need for the class. The one they told me to get was an online version and I'm definitely a fan of the real thing. I can make notes and put stickes all over it. ^^

Right now I'm listening to Anime Pulse talk about Clanned - After Story. It seems way too drama filled for me. :P
Don't get me wrong I love a good tear jerker but oh dear lord. This flipping thing has the this guy who falls in love with this girl and while she gives birth to their kid she dies. Then after that he looses it (duh.) and then a year goes by and he finally sees his kid. After that she falls down and DIES. I mean good lord if there was ever a reason to commit suicide, here you go. Then it does the whole EVA thing and has an alternate reality. Ick.

Yeah so there you have it. A small update.

Oh! On an upper note. I got asked/offered to go on a cruise with a friend in December. I'm not going to answer questions about it at all. Cause as soon as I do someone will get upset and blah blah. So the entire thing is it's a friends family vaca and I was offered an invite. It's to the Bahamas. There's all the details anyone is going to get unless I do end up going. I'm really just honored to be asked to go. I mean only two other times have I been included on someone elses family trip. That would be with Maggie to Canada and Sarah to Virginia Beach. :)
So if I do end up going Mom said I have to go on the booze cruise and I can't end up like luggage.

I didn't get it so she explained. "People will go on walking and because it is unlimited drinking they have to be carried off, like luggage."

Hahaha, Mom's hilarious. :D

I think that's it. Yep!

Monday, July 13, 2009

Life... As it goes on.

So it's kinda sad that I prefer to type all of my shit-fest in a bulletin rather than my blog. But, on the upside, I can always just copy it over. :)

So, definitely (I've) been running around like a chicken with it's head cut off lately. I'm not sure what's going on when, or what day it is. Today I thought it was tomorrow and yesterday was two weeks ago. Lately I can't sleep. This mornings record was 6:40AM. It's not something I'm proud of. =/ I wish I could just conk out at like 1 or 2.

Today started out bad. 6:40 was not the time to be going to bed when I knew I had to do things. But none the less I finally got to sleep with the much needed assistance of Benadryll. And let me tell you the sleep was nice. So I conked out and then at like 10 past 10 I receive a tele call from VWCC saying that I didn't attend this meeting and blah blah blah. Yeah, I actually woke up enough to have a knowledgeable conversation for all of 10 mins.

Went back to sleep. THANK GOD. Cause let me tell you functioning on less than whatever little sleep I had was killing me. My face was all puffy and hair (french braided) a crinkly mess. So at 1PM Anjy shows up. And when I mean shows up had the common courtesy (sp?) to knock on my door to wake me up. Let me tell you most people would have just walked in and seen me strewn in the oddest and most unwelcoming, reveling position.

After I woke up enough to get dress and straighten my hair. I ate. Then we left for the market. Let me tell you it was one of the most unproductive but amazingly fun days. We went to three different markets and bought a few things to make bentos. The heat got to me so I was all hyper and then crashed a few hours later. I'm still in a crashing mode. Although I;m afraid that if I conk out now I'll wake up at like 3AM and then be extra tired trying to stay up for Heather's house.

Well, I think I'm going to go put another load of clothes in the dryer. I need major packing time and my days seem to be limited. I'm terribly scared that I'm going to forget something or bring way to much to carry to the hotel. Did I mention? We have to walk about 2 miles to our hotel. I know, not bad at all. If it wasn't for the 90 degree weather and blazing sun I'd almost enjoy the workout. But if I forget anything I can call my Aunt and she'd be able to help me find the closest store to replace said item.

Hopefully this escape will help with my comfort level. I hope so. :) Not that many people will actually read this wall-o-text but Thanks to who do. Well I think I'm going to go drink some H2O and lay down. My headache is slowly sliding to the front of my brain. Haha. Well, oyasumi!

Wednesday, July 8, 2009


So today I was/am happy.
Thoroughly satisfied with the day.

Brooke stopped by and dropped off "The Awakening". Yay, a new book to finally read!
Then Anjy came over to give me my bento box. Hello Kitty RED. Lovve lovve. Cause pink is for children and icky people. So it's red.
Thought more on my packing list and the menu for the train ride.
Jumped on the trampoline and got more freckles. Saw my lovely Josh! :D
Anjy treated me to Tacobell. Yummmy. I haven't had that in forever. It was delicious!
Then we went to the book store and looked at this cute sex book for a while for shits and giggles. Then decided to go to another books store to just browse. Went to B&N at valley view. Walked around the mall till closing. Saw my lovely Reginald. <33
Then came back home and chilled out on the trampoline till like 10:20.
Washed off feet and hands from trampoline and checked emails.

Sorry, lately I've been out of sorts. Bad times thinking about how I messed something up. =/ BUT hopefully I'm feeling more myself now. Mom gets paid tomorrow so I think we'll go buy milk and bread and that's about all the groceries we can afford.

Then Friday, it's off to Western for six hours. Hope I see more people I know. Josh is taking me so that should be fun. :D Get to annoy my buddy for a while. Then mom's coming at 5 to be in the RCCAP meeting with me. Fun stuff.

Saturday I think I'm just going to chill out. Read some and probably just clean all day. Sunday I'll start to pull down suitcase and travel stuff for trip. Monday I'm going shopping with Anjy for bento ingredients and doing trial cooking thing. Tuesday finalize packing and pull money out of savings for trip. Then Wednesday is "pamper" day. Finger and Toenail repaint and just relax. That night take a nap and then at 3:30AM on Thursday leave for the train station.

Busy busy. :)
Night guys.

Monday, June 29, 2009

Summer Quickie

I keep doing this. Not updating. Well lets do a quick one full of info, some pictures, and love. :D

So officially I'm 18 and have graduated High School with an advanced diploma. (Even though I was 4 credits short of actually getting an advanced they gave it to me anyway haha. )
I had an amazing birthday/graduation party. Bunches of friends came. Just made my day.

It was full of my friends ;D We are some crazy people!

And of course amazing designed (Heather and I) cake!!
So That's the summer quickie. I'll start doing more. PROMISE!

KatieOrange (K.O.)

Sunday, June 7, 2009


Wow. It's been forever since I've been on my Blogger.
I suppose it's not really that surprising or anything. I don't have any followers either so I don't have to worry about much. My own self-disappointment is enough. D:

Sitting here realizing that I haven't uploaded pictures on my camera in a month is enough of a reality check that I've been neglecting things. All 118 of them are screaming to be edited and loved. I scream back that my hearts not big enough to love them all. God help me, but I can't!

I've finally finished High School! Done. Gone. Bye. William Fleming has never been so empty. Our graduating class is HUGE. All 320 or so of us are probably going to do the same thing in the future. Become mothers/fathers, have issues, get a job we hate, have more issues, live happy for a while, and then die. Pretty standard process for everyone involved if you ask me! I'm not graduating with honors which is kinda upsetting but I'm not going to let it get me down! NEVER!!!

Graduation is my 18th birthday and will probably be the largest crowd to hear me sing a solo in my entire life! 5000 or so people! Scary and exciting all at the same time.

Well I think for now I'm just going to post some random pictures from the past month where I haven't updated!


On a daily basis I look like this!

Or this.

For our little groups prom. We went bowling. I did my hair and make up to look like a whore. Good job? lol

Another shot in different lighting.

Urinetown: The Musical! I'm about 40 shades darker from stage make up as well as Dylan. I've known this boy since 3rd grade! Wow~! Um, I'm playing Josephine Strong. Dylan is playing Cladwell B. Caldwell. Or is it the other way around? @_@ No one really knows!

Now onto pin up style.
I've been obsessed lately with pin up girl style! The very 40-50's sort of looks. Red lips. Defined eyes. Natural shades and pink cheeks. Gosh those girls are just sooo pretty! So I did a more modern look.
This has more cat eyes than pin up. I have very round eyes so just doing the normal pin up style doesn't really give me the same effect as the original girls. I think I used like three different lines for my eyes. Pencil to do an outline, liquid to darken and make it blunt, and then gel to soften the edges and make smooth lines. The lips are done in a Halloween lipstick that's supposed to be for vampires. What better suits a living vampire than that? Haha. I actually lightened my skin a shade to get a glowing look with some Ben Nye show make up in a pinky-white. My cheeks are done in a pink from the Hello Kitty meets MAC line with a bronzey color under to define my cheek bones a little. :D

Her skin the the color of pure cocaine, no flaws or marks. Pure.
Innocence has a color and for her it's not white.
Sapphire-sea eyes and ruby lips. She is worth more than you have.
If you can pay you can take her home for the night.

Chow ;D


Friday, April 24, 2009


So this Thursday I have ventured to Williamsburg with the choir at my highschool.
I'm tired right now so if this is not quite clear.... please just assume this is a rambling of a tired teen.
Hmm... maybe I won't continue right now and just leave it till I get back and have many pictures to post.
Yep, that's the plan. :]

Monday, April 13, 2009

Innocence is Orange

And so it is!
Here's my makeup for today. :]
I couldn't even wear my glasses over it it's so pretty!
So I pulled out the contacts and hunkered down for a dismal day at home with another case of "All Dress up and No Place to Go."
Sad but fun none the less!
I also submitted this look to xSparkage from YouTube. I hope she likes it!!
So here it is!

Rimmel Stay Matte Pressed Powder in 001 Transparent (Yes, I am that pale xD )
MAC Hello Kitty Blush in Fun & Games
MAC Paint Pot in Rubenesque
Milani Runway Eyes in 05 Glamorous Gems
Wet N Wild Mega Liquid Liner in Black
Prestige Eye Pencil in Basic Black
L'Oreal Paris Telescopic Mascara in Carbon Black
Max Factor Lip Gloss in Champagne Bath

Hope you guys enjoy it!

Oh and a video:

Sunday, March 22, 2009


Gossssh. I haven't blogged in for-ev-ar. Sorry!
I'm not sure if anyone but me reads this though! Ha!

So, this post is dedicated to HAIR. :]
I get asked a million and infinity times,
"What do you color your hair with?"
"What do you use in your hair?"
"What kind of straightener do you use?"
"What kind of curling iron do you use?"
"What do you wash your hair with?"
...And the list goes on...
Some times the questions are completely annoying. I feel like shouting, "I DON'T KNOW YOU!" But I don't. I just answer each one, over and over and over. Till I'm puking the word babble from memory. D:
Soo I will try and answer most of the questions I get here and now.

Background: I come from a dirty-blond and a red head. My hair ranges back and forth between those colors all year. In the summer it's usually red to strawberry-blond. In the spring and fall it's usually strawberry-blond to blond. Then from the end of fall into winter it takes on blond to dirty-blond to light brown. My red head genes make my hair thick and strong. The blond make it resistant to constant abuse, coloring and straightening, etc.

Routine: My hair routine consists of:
1. Washing it daily or every other day.
2. Using both washout conditioner and leave in conditioner.
3. Anti-frizz creme
4. Letting it air dry.
5. Straightening or Shaking out curls.

Things I NEVER do:
1. I do not ever wash my hair without conditioner.
2. I never use a hair dryer.
3. I do not straighten my hair without a protection spray.
4. I do not color my hair often.
5. I never bleach my hair
6. I never perm my hair

I am a GIANT believer in treating your hair right! I hate it when I see high school and middle school girls frying their hair and straightening it to the point it's crispy. Ew. It's like they are screaming "HELP MEEEE." Their hair anyways, Haha. I own a straightener, two curling irons, and a blow dryer. I never use the blow dryer but it's good to have on trips with multiple people. I rarely to never use the curling irons just because my hair spirals on its own. The straightener, on the other hand I use daily. I use it mostly to flat iron my bangs. My hair does many different looks just but little changes.

This is a natural with a curl spray to make sure my curls don't frizz.

This is right after I got my hair cut. It is flat ironed. Heat protecter. Wax.

This is natural, right out of the shower and air dry goodness. No products.

On average I use about two to three products on my hair.

Curly Look: While my hair is still wet I use the 24/7 Anti-Poof Creme and Captivating Curls from Sunsilk. As my hair starts to dry routienely I will spray my Curl Booster from Special Effects.
Straight Look: While my hair is still wet I will use the 24/7 Anti-Poof creme more heavily through my hair. After it Air Drys I flat Iron it and then use my Molding Wax from Special Effects on my bangs and roots to take care of fly aways. It's nice to style with also.

For shampoo and condidioner I user Herbal Essences Color Me Happy. It's just a new version of thier old Rose Hips shampoo and conditioner. Love it. For leave in conditioner I use Aussie Hair Insurance Leave-in Conditioner. It smells like yummy sunscreen. :]
I color my hair in winter to go back to a color kinda like summer or spring. I don't like dirty blond on me personally but anyone can do whatever.

Hope anyone who reads this likes it!


Saturday, February 7, 2009


---The Fantastic Four sayin' "Funny, can I blow ya?"
Three were preppy and one was scene
So three for me and one for Charlie
This girl's seventeen, now I'm a pedophile
Now she's showing me her tits I think this girl's gone wild
I whipped out my dick and her jaw hit the floor
Acted like she never seen a magnum before---
Gosssh I like Hollywood Undead.
They are hyper chill. :]

At the Moment:

I am loooving Bath&Bodyworks.
Seriously these are my two favorite scents! Black Raspberry Vanilla for the night time and Mango Mandarin for the day time! The first, is dark and sensual, cuddly. The second, is fresh and fruity. Heather-Baby works at B&Bws so I have an excuse to stop in there and just "happen" to find new things to purchase!

Nail art has caught my eye lately as well! I'm decent at it. I need more colors though, all I have is white!
I do really like just playing around with designs. I want to do rainbow stripes but that would require the extra colors and money to purchase them with. I don't have either :[

My current read, or rather the read I just finished is Pride.

This book is actually book three, if you couldn't figure out by the picture, of six. The other three of which have not been released yet. This series is about werecats. And I personally fail at making collages. D: Stray is actually the first, followed by Rogue, then Pride. It is an afuckingmazing series that I would recommend to anyone who likes wereanimals or just wishes to read a book where a realistic girl is heroine. I mean, sure you have books like Anita Blake --another one of my favvs-- but how realistic is a five foot nothing nympho, necromancer, human servant, vampire, lupa, etc? When it really comes down to it, it's really not all that realistic, or rather, relatable. The next book comes out in July.

So let me show a little update on my life! Last weekend which was January 31-February I spent the entire weekend with MaggieMoo at my house. So the insanity began and really didn't end for three days! I'm offically a vegitarian now. I kept wanting to do it but I continued to put it off due to random things. I'm offically going to stick to it as long as I can! :]

We are such sketchy people but Oh so fun. Later, on Saturday we kidnapped Terrence from my front porch and went to the mall and WallyWorld.
We never grew up >///<

Nope. Children until the end!

Originally this picture was supposed to be of MaggieMoo, but if you look in the background you'll see a nice gentleman sleeping. He is sleeping in a Barns&Noble. Gosh, tired much!
Guitar Hero?
GLASSES!! Seriously I am thinking about those damn contacts! But I'm officially happy that MaggieMoo found a pair of shades that fit her head. She, as you can see, has a very small oval shaped noggin. It is verrrry hard to find glasses for this child!
Once MaggieMoo found a pair we all started fooling around with shades!

Laaaaame, get of my fooone!


Theeeeen this weekend I was drug out of my house by Hayden and Margaret, one of Hayden's friends. I never got a picture of Margaret but I shall take one later. Mwhahah
My outfit for the day. I think I look cute :]
Did my makeup kind of light. Mascara, liquid liner, come clinique lip gloss, and a neutral shadow.
Hayden is trying to be as cool as the chill kids last weekend.
We went to goodwill in search of 70's clothing, but on the way we found these!
Loook at that muscle mannn.
Smart Hayden. In the lime green sweater and leopard print pants. All girls clothing might I add. I'm so glad he's secure in his sexuality.
And just one more shot of my "look" for the day.

Hope you enjoyed the post!