Saturday, February 7, 2009


---The Fantastic Four sayin' "Funny, can I blow ya?"
Three were preppy and one was scene
So three for me and one for Charlie
This girl's seventeen, now I'm a pedophile
Now she's showing me her tits I think this girl's gone wild
I whipped out my dick and her jaw hit the floor
Acted like she never seen a magnum before---
Gosssh I like Hollywood Undead.
They are hyper chill. :]

At the Moment:

I am loooving Bath&Bodyworks.
Seriously these are my two favorite scents! Black Raspberry Vanilla for the night time and Mango Mandarin for the day time! The first, is dark and sensual, cuddly. The second, is fresh and fruity. Heather-Baby works at B&Bws so I have an excuse to stop in there and just "happen" to find new things to purchase!

Nail art has caught my eye lately as well! I'm decent at it. I need more colors though, all I have is white!
I do really like just playing around with designs. I want to do rainbow stripes but that would require the extra colors and money to purchase them with. I don't have either :[

My current read, or rather the read I just finished is Pride.

This book is actually book three, if you couldn't figure out by the picture, of six. The other three of which have not been released yet. This series is about werecats. And I personally fail at making collages. D: Stray is actually the first, followed by Rogue, then Pride. It is an afuckingmazing series that I would recommend to anyone who likes wereanimals or just wishes to read a book where a realistic girl is heroine. I mean, sure you have books like Anita Blake --another one of my favvs-- but how realistic is a five foot nothing nympho, necromancer, human servant, vampire, lupa, etc? When it really comes down to it, it's really not all that realistic, or rather, relatable. The next book comes out in July.

So let me show a little update on my life! Last weekend which was January 31-February I spent the entire weekend with MaggieMoo at my house. So the insanity began and really didn't end for three days! I'm offically a vegitarian now. I kept wanting to do it but I continued to put it off due to random things. I'm offically going to stick to it as long as I can! :]

We are such sketchy people but Oh so fun. Later, on Saturday we kidnapped Terrence from my front porch and went to the mall and WallyWorld.
We never grew up >///<

Nope. Children until the end!

Originally this picture was supposed to be of MaggieMoo, but if you look in the background you'll see a nice gentleman sleeping. He is sleeping in a Barns&Noble. Gosh, tired much!
Guitar Hero?
GLASSES!! Seriously I am thinking about those damn contacts! But I'm officially happy that MaggieMoo found a pair of shades that fit her head. She, as you can see, has a very small oval shaped noggin. It is verrrry hard to find glasses for this child!
Once MaggieMoo found a pair we all started fooling around with shades!

Laaaaame, get of my fooone!


Theeeeen this weekend I was drug out of my house by Hayden and Margaret, one of Hayden's friends. I never got a picture of Margaret but I shall take one later. Mwhahah
My outfit for the day. I think I look cute :]
Did my makeup kind of light. Mascara, liquid liner, come clinique lip gloss, and a neutral shadow.
Hayden is trying to be as cool as the chill kids last weekend.
We went to goodwill in search of 70's clothing, but on the way we found these!
Loook at that muscle mannn.
Smart Hayden. In the lime green sweater and leopard print pants. All girls clothing might I add. I'm so glad he's secure in his sexuality.
And just one more shot of my "look" for the day.

Hope you enjoyed the post!