Sunday, March 22, 2009


Gossssh. I haven't blogged in for-ev-ar. Sorry!
I'm not sure if anyone but me reads this though! Ha!

So, this post is dedicated to HAIR. :]
I get asked a million and infinity times,
"What do you color your hair with?"
"What do you use in your hair?"
"What kind of straightener do you use?"
"What kind of curling iron do you use?"
"What do you wash your hair with?"
...And the list goes on...
Some times the questions are completely annoying. I feel like shouting, "I DON'T KNOW YOU!" But I don't. I just answer each one, over and over and over. Till I'm puking the word babble from memory. D:
Soo I will try and answer most of the questions I get here and now.

Background: I come from a dirty-blond and a red head. My hair ranges back and forth between those colors all year. In the summer it's usually red to strawberry-blond. In the spring and fall it's usually strawberry-blond to blond. Then from the end of fall into winter it takes on blond to dirty-blond to light brown. My red head genes make my hair thick and strong. The blond make it resistant to constant abuse, coloring and straightening, etc.

Routine: My hair routine consists of:
1. Washing it daily or every other day.
2. Using both washout conditioner and leave in conditioner.
3. Anti-frizz creme
4. Letting it air dry.
5. Straightening or Shaking out curls.

Things I NEVER do:
1. I do not ever wash my hair without conditioner.
2. I never use a hair dryer.
3. I do not straighten my hair without a protection spray.
4. I do not color my hair often.
5. I never bleach my hair
6. I never perm my hair

I am a GIANT believer in treating your hair right! I hate it when I see high school and middle school girls frying their hair and straightening it to the point it's crispy. Ew. It's like they are screaming "HELP MEEEE." Their hair anyways, Haha. I own a straightener, two curling irons, and a blow dryer. I never use the blow dryer but it's good to have on trips with multiple people. I rarely to never use the curling irons just because my hair spirals on its own. The straightener, on the other hand I use daily. I use it mostly to flat iron my bangs. My hair does many different looks just but little changes.

This is a natural with a curl spray to make sure my curls don't frizz.

This is right after I got my hair cut. It is flat ironed. Heat protecter. Wax.

This is natural, right out of the shower and air dry goodness. No products.

On average I use about two to three products on my hair.

Curly Look: While my hair is still wet I use the 24/7 Anti-Poof Creme and Captivating Curls from Sunsilk. As my hair starts to dry routienely I will spray my Curl Booster from Special Effects.
Straight Look: While my hair is still wet I will use the 24/7 Anti-Poof creme more heavily through my hair. After it Air Drys I flat Iron it and then use my Molding Wax from Special Effects on my bangs and roots to take care of fly aways. It's nice to style with also.

For shampoo and condidioner I user Herbal Essences Color Me Happy. It's just a new version of thier old Rose Hips shampoo and conditioner. Love it. For leave in conditioner I use Aussie Hair Insurance Leave-in Conditioner. It smells like yummy sunscreen. :]
I color my hair in winter to go back to a color kinda like summer or spring. I don't like dirty blond on me personally but anyone can do whatever.

Hope anyone who reads this likes it!