Wednesday, August 20, 2008

So I decided to sign

So I decided to sign up for mobile blogger, how lazy. Haha. Maybe this way I might be able to keep up with my blog, I hope I stop neglecting it.


I'm able to look back on my "non stop working life" and find one thing remarkable: I had no time to be depressed. Which is a wonder, I didn't see much of my friends, didn't get more than 4 hours of sleep a day, and didn't get that much time to spend on things I cared about. Now that I have that time I seem to be doing nothing more than looking for well, more time. I'm not sure what I really wanted to accomplish with having this extra time, maybe work on my figure or spend more time with friends. I'm really selfish I hope you all know.
I hope that this year I improve myself a bit.
I've been listening to more mellow music these days, just kind of chilling. I'm also thinking it would be amazing to be one of those hippy types, well I'd definitely have to bathe more than the orginial hippy's did. Ick, haha. That really wouldn't be me in the end, I kinda like who I am and what I dress like, bad taste suits me. So do headaches and medical problems apparently. I love my life!

So I got the ultrasound today that I've been trying to get for three weeks, it hurt. It "technically" wasn't supposed to but it did and I couldn't talk through it so no one but me really knew about the pain. Haha, sometimes I sound soo dramatic. But I feel like being dramatic so fuck it!
I hope school starts sooner than it really does. I miss the contact of others.

Ummm, other than that the only thing I have to say is that I'm going to have so start sending the updates from my phone in picture messages because they get more text and I'm never brief.


Wednesday, August 6, 2008

Otakon... is here!

So the time finally arrives where I can spaz out, again, with over 20,000 people that have the same interests in common as I do! Otakon. Tomorrow I plan on taking the train up at around 5-6am to Baltimore, Md. The train ride is going to be interesting. I'm going with 5 of my very closest friends: Maggie, Anjy, Tucker, Nick, and James. Maggie, who is almost the equivalent to a puppy on crack or Naruto. Anjy, who is very smexy and will kick your ass if needed. Tucker who has the attention span of a three year old and feelings that are more complicated than a girls brain. Nick who is kinda laid back, kinda too excited to really express things. And James, who is all around quiet and likes to pick on me. So the guest list is very broad and all out to get me.
Ummm, I'm soo excited that this is happening an dis finally here! Today I'm going to get off of work in approximately three hours, go home and pack, take a shower, go to sleep for a little while, and then get up and do girl stuff with Anjy and Maggers, IE facials and nails ;D.
Then Nick is coming over and then James and maybe Tucker will get there before we leave, I'm still not sure whats going on with his car situation. Is he driving is he not? I just don't know anymore. But when we get there we'll check into the Hotel and get situated for a moment then go over to the convention center and pick up our passes so everything can be enjoyed.

What is even more amazing is how many people will be in Baltimore 9-10th.
First and foremost there is the Convention which ranges 20-28,000 people.
Second, The Virgin Mobile Festival is being held at Pimlico race track August 9th and 10th. Luckily it’s something like 4 or 5 miles from the harbor area, but that still means a lot of people. It had an attendance of 74,000 over two days, though many are reaped counting I would guess.
Third they are commissioning the $1.3 billion destroyer USS Sterett on August 9th, and that’s expected to bring 5,000 people and that's happening right there in the harbor.
Forth the Baltimore Orioles will be playing home games all three days of the convention at near by Camden Yards.
So ALL in all there will probably be around 100,000 people crowding the streets of Baltimore this weekend!!

Not to mention on my schedule there are 5 more people coming down from Pennsylvania to join our group in our hotel rooms. Can you say 11 teens and young adults in two hotel rooms? HAHAHAHA!
So there is my major update. Not all that much but it is very exciting for me and our group.
I hope the train ride will be fun......... oh and as my 365 picture life goes... I'm not sure if I took a jpg yesterday, I slept for forever. ;D

Lots of love.