Friday, December 12, 2008


I've been reading a lot of blogs lately--xppinkx, xsparkage, faffinet, etc-- a lot of make up and style blogs coming from the lovely, all knowing internet gurus. Now, by no means am I a guru or fashionista but I think I know a but about things. So I want to do like make up looks in my blog updates just whenever I get bored.
Gah, my leg's asleep >///<
I'll probably do a really pretty rainbow one next time I update. This weekend. I always get a thousand questions on how I do the look or just what I use. So, if anyone reads this they'll be in the know.
Life's been on a bit of a downward spiral since last weekend. Another set of my friends have hooked up thanks to me =,='
I have to put my dog down today and well I'm just not up to living at the moment.
BLARG! Well I'm going to go read some and then go to my next class.

Later Days!


Wednesday, December 3, 2008


Wow it's been 15 or so days since I last updated you my cute little blog. Sorry. :[
I've been busy, or busy avoiding. Something like that.
I haven't really been doing all that much to say I'm busy but I have been keeping a steady pace at school and just keeping my room clean. They seem the two most important tasks at the moment. Soon, I'll be dealing with visiting my family. D:
God, Jesus, I can hear it now.
"What the fuck did you do to your face? What the hell is that in your ear? Have you lost your mind!? Don't you care about your body and what people think of it?"
Obviously not. =.=
Since I've gotten my nose and industrial done I've gotten more compliments or some people, those who are blind, have told me they don't even notice them if I didn't point them out.
But my family will have something to say. Sharing their views as if I had stuck the damn jewelry through their bodies not mine.
No compliments coming from that group, no.

So that two weeks should be fun. If I make it to a computer maybe I'll do updates on how miserable I am. And maybe how loud the yelling got.
I'm in school, Blog, my eyes done a deep plum to bring out the blue and grey in my eyes. Sweatshirt over an old falling apart choir shirt and a pair of jeans that annoy the living piss out of me. Overall I'm comfy beyond measure! :]
I've been thinking that I'm ignoring my journal, which I swore I wouldn't, and I feel bad. I can't bring myself to write in it. It seems such a brutal task when I sit down to do it. I'd much rather blog or just type it up. I'm not sure why.
Technology wins once again. :[

I might be posting some pictures in my blog starting next post. Wow. =.=
But none the less it may happen.

But I'm going to go for now and jamm out some more before my next class.