Thursday, July 31, 2008

365 Days

Oh and I almost forgot! I'm going to be starting a 365 day picture diary. Yes, that's right one picture a day for a year. I got the idea from Amiee and I'm excited about it. Hopefully I'll commit to it, I'm not very good at that, but I'll try. :D
So the first picture I'll post in a little while, once I'm home. I'll post it on here and myspace. I might be late on a few which I'm sorry for, but I doubt anyone really follows this like crazy so it's all good.

Short, Sweet, and Exciting.

It's almost painful as I await these 7 days till Otakon! So far I've gotten a great discount on my two rooms and my train tickets. (Thanks Anjy for the train!!) This trip is going to be quite, if I do say so, AMAZING. So far the crew is as follows: Anjy, Tucker, Nick, Maggie, James, and myself. Then on the 10th, since the con ends early Melissa, Mary, JD, Jake, and Jessie are coming down to spend the last night of our trip with us! So far everything has been planned out and now it is time to finialise and pack. Which is probably the easiest thing we've had to do, as far as this trip goes.
Ahh, short post. Sorry, I'm tired.

Saturday, July 19, 2008

Liime something...

If you work at Hotel Roanoke you do! :D

I have realized in the almost year of working at the Hotel Roanoke that the hotel industry as a whole is screwed. No one communicates, almost everyone is incompetent, the help is a failure as a whole, and people who can't manage do at hotels for more money than they ever should be paid. When the front desk is being sympathetic, they really aren't. When we make things complimentary for you we really aren't, we're just charging you on something else. When we can't find you package, luggage, basket, room keys, money, id, or reservation, we're lying and just don't feel like looking. That's the truth, and also just to let you know, we all talk behind your back and call you a bitch as soon as you walk away from the desk. Then we smile, very wide. The hotel business makes you a very two-faced person, it's like the reservations are soaked in sin. Yum.
28 days left of working at Hotel Roanoke. :D
So just recently, on my way home from work today actually, I stopped at GoMart and grabbed some chips and a drink, after realizing that I didn't have my debit card, and used my last $5 to buy my dinner/breakfast. Oddly enough I grabbed a strange bag of chips, they were Doritos that are a mystery taste. Well I'm definitely liking them and I just can't place the taste. It has lime in it for sure but its a kind of crazy taste. I'd say in between fruit loops, pickles, and limes. Odd little bastards. They are highly addictive too.

Song: Missed Me by The Dresden Dolls

Thursday, July 17, 2008

Not Sleeping

So this is my first update in a loooong while. I know, I'm a bad blogger. Oh well, I'll get over it. Life's been busy lately with working and working and working and well, you guessed it, working. So far I'm transferring and spending money like the world is going to end tomorrow. I have to admit, it's a wonderful feeling. Currently I am also working on the information packet for my group that's going to Otakon. Fourteen pages and still a few more to write. ^.^
Home and Health
Currently in my house hold we have Ramen and water. That's about the extent of my meals for the past two weeks. My mother and I have been working sooo much that it's really been a pain to go anywhere other than work. July 19th is Mom's birthday! WhooHoo! My sleep practices have evened out, slowing to a good and uneven 5 hours a day for work. I'm surviving and thats what matters! I currently went to the doctor to get my Thyroid tested because of this problem and that. My doctor is completely convened that I have a thyroid disorder or problem or it's inflamed or goodness knows what. So after giving them three viles of my blood, and a prego test (why? not sure) I still have to go to the hospital to have an ultrasound on my throat. Loooovely. More or less, I have problems! :D
Otakon- aFUCKINGmazing. August8-10.
Nodame Cantabile - Very spiffy, Live action or anime is amazing.
WebComics: <-- Very amazingly funny comic, Wiccan and Pagan based.