Saturday, July 19, 2008

Liime something...

If you work at Hotel Roanoke you do! :D

I have realized in the almost year of working at the Hotel Roanoke that the hotel industry as a whole is screwed. No one communicates, almost everyone is incompetent, the help is a failure as a whole, and people who can't manage do at hotels for more money than they ever should be paid. When the front desk is being sympathetic, they really aren't. When we make things complimentary for you we really aren't, we're just charging you on something else. When we can't find you package, luggage, basket, room keys, money, id, or reservation, we're lying and just don't feel like looking. That's the truth, and also just to let you know, we all talk behind your back and call you a bitch as soon as you walk away from the desk. Then we smile, very wide. The hotel business makes you a very two-faced person, it's like the reservations are soaked in sin. Yum.
28 days left of working at Hotel Roanoke. :D
So just recently, on my way home from work today actually, I stopped at GoMart and grabbed some chips and a drink, after realizing that I didn't have my debit card, and used my last $5 to buy my dinner/breakfast. Oddly enough I grabbed a strange bag of chips, they were Doritos that are a mystery taste. Well I'm definitely liking them and I just can't place the taste. It has lime in it for sure but its a kind of crazy taste. I'd say in between fruit loops, pickles, and limes. Odd little bastards. They are highly addictive too.

Song: Missed Me by The Dresden Dolls

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