Sunday, April 3, 2011


Things have seen to have taken a turn for me about May 2010. I lost a lot and I gained a lot, and I'm not sure I'd change any of it for the world. Ya'feel meh? My body, mind, and sytle has changed. Lost 40lbs, became a (more)positive person, and decided that girly clothes are the only thing that really express me. Other than a good pair of jeans. Work changed just this past month, went from a low income high stress job to a high paying medium stress job. Schools the same but love life is all the better. A distant friend and I started hanging out more after a bad falling out with a couple of other friends. I fell for him years ago but he would never let himself get attached. But in June he kissed me and WHAM! Almost a year later we're happily together. (As I'm not supposed to say dating, dating is a trail period to him and we are way way past that mofo stage! Bahaha ) I still listen to music but my iTunes is out of order at the moment. I still dance especially when people are looking. And I still want to blog/journal. Now that I work the graveyard shift I can write all I want. Plenty of time at the job to take a break and plant a few words on an electronic page. So till tomorrow~! KO