Monday, June 29, 2009

Summer Quickie

I keep doing this. Not updating. Well lets do a quick one full of info, some pictures, and love. :D

So officially I'm 18 and have graduated High School with an advanced diploma. (Even though I was 4 credits short of actually getting an advanced they gave it to me anyway haha. )
I had an amazing birthday/graduation party. Bunches of friends came. Just made my day.

It was full of my friends ;D We are some crazy people!

And of course amazing designed (Heather and I) cake!!
So That's the summer quickie. I'll start doing more. PROMISE!

KatieOrange (K.O.)

Sunday, June 7, 2009


Wow. It's been forever since I've been on my Blogger.
I suppose it's not really that surprising or anything. I don't have any followers either so I don't have to worry about much. My own self-disappointment is enough. D:

Sitting here realizing that I haven't uploaded pictures on my camera in a month is enough of a reality check that I've been neglecting things. All 118 of them are screaming to be edited and loved. I scream back that my hearts not big enough to love them all. God help me, but I can't!

I've finally finished High School! Done. Gone. Bye. William Fleming has never been so empty. Our graduating class is HUGE. All 320 or so of us are probably going to do the same thing in the future. Become mothers/fathers, have issues, get a job we hate, have more issues, live happy for a while, and then die. Pretty standard process for everyone involved if you ask me! I'm not graduating with honors which is kinda upsetting but I'm not going to let it get me down! NEVER!!!

Graduation is my 18th birthday and will probably be the largest crowd to hear me sing a solo in my entire life! 5000 or so people! Scary and exciting all at the same time.

Well I think for now I'm just going to post some random pictures from the past month where I haven't updated!


On a daily basis I look like this!

Or this.

For our little groups prom. We went bowling. I did my hair and make up to look like a whore. Good job? lol

Another shot in different lighting.

Urinetown: The Musical! I'm about 40 shades darker from stage make up as well as Dylan. I've known this boy since 3rd grade! Wow~! Um, I'm playing Josephine Strong. Dylan is playing Cladwell B. Caldwell. Or is it the other way around? @_@ No one really knows!

Now onto pin up style.
I've been obsessed lately with pin up girl style! The very 40-50's sort of looks. Red lips. Defined eyes. Natural shades and pink cheeks. Gosh those girls are just sooo pretty! So I did a more modern look.
This has more cat eyes than pin up. I have very round eyes so just doing the normal pin up style doesn't really give me the same effect as the original girls. I think I used like three different lines for my eyes. Pencil to do an outline, liquid to darken and make it blunt, and then gel to soften the edges and make smooth lines. The lips are done in a Halloween lipstick that's supposed to be for vampires. What better suits a living vampire than that? Haha. I actually lightened my skin a shade to get a glowing look with some Ben Nye show make up in a pinky-white. My cheeks are done in a pink from the Hello Kitty meets MAC line with a bronzey color under to define my cheek bones a little. :D

Her skin the the color of pure cocaine, no flaws or marks. Pure.
Innocence has a color and for her it's not white.
Sapphire-sea eyes and ruby lips. She is worth more than you have.
If you can pay you can take her home for the night.

Chow ;D