Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Life as it's occuring now.

Well, let's see.

School... It's starting soon. :)
I'm exciteddddd :D

So I've officially gotten all of my books (the list) together and found out where my classes are. I've determined that I will be making a line across campus on the days I go. Haha. Anyways I'm going to check out where those classes are on the 17th when I go with Anjy to get my books. Just mention that I'd like to do that anyway. She can defiantly wait in the car if she's tired and I'll hug her when I get back. :P

My SDV teacher emailed me today. She seems very nice. Anjy told me she is like a supervisor in the Library. She gave me the ISB number and info about the paperback version of the book that I need for the class. The one they told me to get was an online version and I'm definitely a fan of the real thing. I can make notes and put stickes all over it. ^^

Right now I'm listening to Anime Pulse talk about Clanned - After Story. It seems way too drama filled for me. :P
Don't get me wrong I love a good tear jerker but oh dear lord. This flipping thing has the this guy who falls in love with this girl and while she gives birth to their kid she dies. Then after that he looses it (duh.) and then a year goes by and he finally sees his kid. After that she falls down and DIES. I mean good lord if there was ever a reason to commit suicide, here you go. Then it does the whole EVA thing and has an alternate reality. Ick.

Yeah so there you have it. A small update.

Oh! On an upper note. I got asked/offered to go on a cruise with a friend in December. I'm not going to answer questions about it at all. Cause as soon as I do someone will get upset and blah blah. So the entire thing is it's a friends family vaca and I was offered an invite. It's to the Bahamas. There's all the details anyone is going to get unless I do end up going. I'm really just honored to be asked to go. I mean only two other times have I been included on someone elses family trip. That would be with Maggie to Canada and Sarah to Virginia Beach. :)
So if I do end up going Mom said I have to go on the booze cruise and I can't end up like luggage.

I didn't get it so she explained. "People will go on walking and because it is unlimited drinking they have to be carried off, like luggage."

Hahaha, Mom's hilarious. :D

I think that's it. Yep!