Saturday, February 6, 2010

Slow, I know I am.

It seems it never fails that I "neglect" this blog of mine. I find that it's not so much a hassle to post, as it takes quite a while for me to gather my thoughts enough to write them down. It's exactly the same reason I can't keep a paper journal. (Aka I find more interesting things, *drools in front of new book*.... yeah interesting >.>....^-^'

But I think I've composed my thoughts enough, *puts down good book*, to blog for a moment. Aren't you lucky? Well if you stumbled upon this blog accidentally or if you intentionally came to read boredom I will tell you a marvelous tale today that includes so much snow you'll be barfing icicles.

First thing is first, I HATE snow. It's not just the non-practicality of it, it's the cold. The wet, soggy mess that covers everything! The snow itself, is beautiful. Lovely light, white, pillowy, clouds - but it is no excuse for it to continue on forever. This is the exact reason we have seasons... Spring, Fall, Summer... remember those? I'm beginning not to. Since early December I have dealt with this snow, ice, and sleet. D:
It. Is. Gross.
Virginia is a pretty state and I've lived here all my life, but I have never... I repeat never have seen so much snow in my lifetime! I feel like I'm in Russia, I just need a furry hat!!
I've been lazy and haven't taken pictures of the snow so I'm going to pull one from the!This stuff is everywhere. D:

The next event happens to be a small trip to North Carolina with my friend Anjy and her Mom.
Day trips have to be my favorite just because I can still have my fun and my life in the same day.
We drove through a little snow and lots of pretty scenery. Anjy was busy driving, I was busy singing beside her, so her mother takes the credit for all of the pictures.

And now for the piece de resistance!
Me, enjoying a skirt and the sexy female side of me :)