Friday, January 30, 2009


This is my cousin. :] Definately show her some looove.
Her voice is afuckingmazing. Looooove it.

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Saturday, January 24, 2009

Purple and Blue

Gah! For three days now I've been trying to write this post. For some odd reason I can't either, one find something to write about, or two I can't seem to word things right. Well this is my last try, so lets see if I can get it right this last time.
So lets do an "At the Moment Update"
At the moment I am:
Reading this book called Baby Love by Catherine Anderson.

The story behind me reading this book belongs to HeatherBaby. She gave it to me saying it was a GUSH-romantic-GUSH story. It is. BARF. Ha, but it is a very funny book, not always happy either. I like the story but all the parts where things like: "He was so masculine...his chiseled chest... his strong arms" just kinda make me want to put the book down.
I'm not so much of a romance story reader as I am a erotic novel reader. Don't get me wrong, I love romance. Although, if the entire story is about them loving each other FOREVER and they never have any action then, well, we all KNOW it isn't very believable. I'd probably give this book a 7 on a scale from 1-10. Not exactly my reading preference but a good book.

At the moment I am painting my nails with Sally Hansen's Metalworks Frost.
(No those pretty nails are NOT mine.) It's a very nice color but it take forever to get it the color that's in the bottle. Seriously, like four coats just to get there. I did a white stripe and a copper like gold color stripe.
Yeah, it looks crappy, but cute ha!

The last at the moment thing is Cover Girl's Exact Color Eyelights.
If you don't know what they are, they are mascara that apparently make your eye color more dominant and noticeable. I was saddened to find they didn't have one for grey eyes. D:
So I bought the one for green eyes and the one for blue eyes. Honestly I don't notice that much of a difference. My eye color still look like my eye color. I'll probably post pictures next post.

Now for the main event.
This Thursday, the 22nd of January our Choir went to Radford University. We sang for the Martin Luther King Jr. celebration. Former Governor Doug Wilder was present in the activities. He "speeched" for 30 or so minutes while what he sang was signed by two ladies on the side of the stage. They were the entertainment of the speech. After his speech was a candle light walk to the center of campus. HeatherBaby and I lead with Ajax and Missy.
So let me just get on and post the rest of the pictures from the show. Ha, most are going to be these blue lights and some tricks they did to people ha!

Backstage Blueberry Lights!

Stripper Pole 101

Long Exposures rock.

Turner: Choir Director and personal friend

Some of the Choir kids. DORKS!

Piano time. God it was just sooo pretty.

Devonte asleep on the way there.

Heathers amazing skills at photography.

The group of kids.

Devonte asleep AGAIN!
A 45 minute ride and he took like four naps.

HeatherBaby and I.

Brookey-Bye being the lolita I could never be.

Heather being all mysterious in the DARK.

Peace is the answer.


Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Poor Babe-ee

I feel soo ashamed. My blog has been neglected since last year! Sooo let me do some updates on my obsessions, new possessions, opinions and such. This one should be considerably long, I think. So Katie Orange has been doing everything but studying for exams including painting her nails over and over again, doing make up, and reading my punk ass off.I love this for some twisted reason. I look like such a sketch-crackhead.
I started doing my "famous" rainbow eyes, then decided to go in a weird direction. Those pictures won't be shown though. I didn't like them much. The look was more editorial and would only be liked by those of you who know me or my tastes.
This is my new favorite nail color. It's called Tokyo Doll. Its like this coraly-pink and looks great with giant silver sparkles. Ha! It's by the cheaaaaaap company Sinful Colors. I loove the name it's very much me.
This is another aFUCKINGmazing product that I picked up over the holiday season. It's Jemma Kidd's numer 07.Poser lipgloss. This is the brightest pink-blue lipgloss I've ever bought. Jesus could see if from heaven! It's amazing though and goes very well with my rainbow eyes. It was I think 16 dollars at Target. Yes, I am a target makeup whore. It's only in select stores but the website carries it, I believe.
I've also been popping Icebreaker mints like a damn pill junkie since I can not chomp, like a cow, on gum. I like the Winter something or other kind. They have my heart forever. Love you, call me!!! plz!? Um, what else have I been up to? Hmm. OH! I've started to collect HK (Hello Kitty) products in efforts to welcome my new, to come, make up set from MAC. So far I think I'm just getting 5 things. I'm going to buy the Too Dolly Eyeshadow Pallet(38.50), a nail polish color called Something about Pink (11.00), and 3 lipglosses: Fast Friends, She loves Candy, and Sweet Strawberry (14.00 ech.). They premeire on the 12 of February.
The latest movie I've watched was Gran Torino. I looooooved it. It was sad and hilarous all at the same time. Clint Eastwood is aFUCKINGmazing. Still over all these years he is an one of a kind actor. Dirty Harry is baaaack. :] This is definately a must see movie for anyone except young children. They one, would not get the jokes, or two, be offended by those jokes. So no kiddies but everyone else is welcome.

Over the weekend of the 11th of December I decided to throw a little party for Terrence, my friend and a couple of others just to be stupid. Here's the highlights.

Maggie, the best friend. She's a junkie of techno/rave/happy hardcore music and loves to just be strange, but then again so do I. We do fisshy faces and make funny jokes that no one gets but us. This is how the evening began, with just me and her.

This is Nate (hidden behind the pillow) and Chris. They're being frisky on my couch >///<. Throughout the night I kept hearing "Dood, why are you touching my ass?" and "Fuck, Chris, stop I'm not gay!" The funny thing is Chris isn't gay. He just likes touching. Ha! Nate was ADORABLE, tottaly chubby fuckable too. Makes me think back and laugh so much, I said he was cute/adorbale/cuddly like 5 million times to him. :]

Chris and his lovely tongue peircing that is EVER so tempting. One day this fat girl just may take advantage of things like that. But I doubt if it's anytime soon.

Terrence, the birthday boy, ringing in at 19 years old. No fun, he's wayy legal now. D: Ha, just kidding. He has this knack for kicking everyones asses in Monopoly. This MAN will take over every company one day. Even walmary 0.0 scary I know!. I'm his partner in business though, so I got my mil or two out of it.

Maggers eating Funyuns. Gooooooood living/dead Jesus. I would rape her if she tried doing that to me. Really. She's saving that one for later, when this fat girl and her made our way to a certain water bed in the other room. Bow chicka wow wow.

The three stooges of the party. I think at this point they were either playing the zombie game or the FAKE wresteling game. Either way it was laaaaaame. Maggie and I were making out during this time fyi. Haha, no but we were doing other things, maybe cooking or something.

My husband pillow decided to pleasure Maggie with his manly fuzziness. Oragasmic isn't it Maggie.

One more sex scandle for the night. A three some, husband, wolf girl, and fat girl. Hardcore times with hardcore nights. Fuzzzzzy = sex. Cause baby if you aint soft enough to cuddle then you aren't rough enough to fuck.

So I think this has been my longest update in the history of my blog. Hope everyone has enjoyed or something. Sign up for blogger and write, follow me and stuff.