Thursday, July 31, 2008

Short, Sweet, and Exciting.

It's almost painful as I await these 7 days till Otakon! So far I've gotten a great discount on my two rooms and my train tickets. (Thanks Anjy for the train!!) This trip is going to be quite, if I do say so, AMAZING. So far the crew is as follows: Anjy, Tucker, Nick, Maggie, James, and myself. Then on the 10th, since the con ends early Melissa, Mary, JD, Jake, and Jessie are coming down to spend the last night of our trip with us! So far everything has been planned out and now it is time to finialise and pack. Which is probably the easiest thing we've had to do, as far as this trip goes.
Ahh, short post. Sorry, I'm tired.

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