Sunday, June 1, 2008


Yay, I'm saying that officially, my computer is running quickly! So far I have not gone to bed from yesterday before work. Approximately four hours from now I'll have been up 24 hours. I'm not tired though. My day has been full with spending money and moving around. This morning after work I proceeded to come home and not eat, ha. Then I found myself wondering why my computer was soo--- slow and I realized with little effort that, ha again, I only had 256 MB of RAM. Oh that explains everything! So after doing many Google searches and stuff I found the type of memory card that I needed! I went out to my local and helpful Circuit City and bout two 512MB RAM memory sticks. Yes children, 1024 MB of RAM = 1 GB of RAM. Bet-cha didn't know that fact! So my computer is running up to my standards and nothing needs as much load time! I'm quite happy and just now at 4:13pm am just starting to feel the lethargy of my body.
A&E is my new favorite channel for tonight, I'm watching The Andromeda Strain, which might I add is very good. It kind of shows that the President is out for himself and his supporters. Wow, that's a new one....... yeahhh. I also spent more money on iTunes, $40. Then for both RAM sticks it came to $104.98. D: Then I took mom out to eat at some Chinese restaurant which was around $16.33, and now I'm considering going back on iTunes cause I can thing of at least 20 more songs that I want. I'm glad I got paid a little more than I thought or I would have been broke ages ago. Yay for making $9.25 an hour!!!

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