Tuesday, June 3, 2008


I officially just finished the new Laurell K. Hamilton book, Blood Noir, and it was great. The book seemed a little short at times and somethings were summarized even though I would have preferred them to be written out but I understand because of time constraints and quotas, etc. Choir is fun in all but books are better by far. Somehow they manage to take you away and never drop you till the end. I can see even now Anita, Jason, & Crispin in my imagination. Damn them for not being real. I have noticed that Laurell K. Hamilton and Anita Blake are quite similar in appearance. Strange huh? No. One thing that kind of pissed be off in the book though, if you have been reading the story you'll know what I'm talking about, is that Anita takes away Richards anger/hate/rage. Yes, Richard is in this book. Amazing. But, she takes away his anger and stuff and then almost jumps his bones. I was like "Wait, wait, wait! You've been hate/loving each others since the middle of the series. How can she just take away his rage and then they're all lovey dovey again? This is Bull!" I soon realized after reading on that it was actually the ardeur bringing them together, ha. Laurell K. Hamilton is a perfectly, remarkable writer. Thank you again for another good story about Anita. Oh and as a side note, Crispin is a weretiger, white tiger to be precise, there is also Alex, who is a normal weretiger, who comes into the story. Yay!
I go to work again today so I might do another update from there because Bruce has yet to track me down about visiting websites! Somehow I don't believe he will.
All the seniors that are graduating this year are amazing. I think they are all holding their emotions very well. As the date grows nearer for them to walk across that stage I think it becomes increasingly harder to fight off these emotions. Relief, terror, sadness, loneliness, and just plain craziness! These people are showing up, most of them, and just living like nothing is really going to change or happen. It just plain amazes me! I think knowing what I do and living what I have I'm going to be a complete wreck close to graduation, every emotion will flow through me! I think this summer will be a prime opportunity for me to plan a senior prank as well. Haha.
The theater is completely quite when all the students are gone. So far its just the noise of the florescent lights, my typing, and the occasional tick from the clock. I don't know if it's peaceful or eerie. Stages and classrooms are supposed to be filled with sound it means they are filled with happiness and life. Without these noises everything is dead and unused. How horrible. But the theater quiet sometimes is not such a bad thing, it means it isn't being abused for skipping purposes or being torn apart by one of the many theater geeks like myself. Most days I'm more of a Choir freak though, ha ha. Just sitting here in Turners room watching the flags blow and hearing myself typing is utterly relaxing. I guess its more of a hopeful, peaceful feeling here now. Our choir got their new risers today, thank you Cyrus for the money & risers, our new Arts Coordinator is amazing. He's in a jazz band that is great, Le Hotclub de Biglick, and he can talk like any smooth daddy-o out there. It makes me wonder what I might grow up to be like. I hope it something cool, even though that sounds very childish, I want to be admired. Needy much? Maybe... okay, yes. But who doesn't want a little attention now and again? I'm going to start putting some "news" stuff in these posts too, not the dry boring stuff they put on TV but stuff that Phillip DeFranco is known for. If you don't know who PillyD is just go to You-Tube and search the name, he's amazing! That's all for right now!

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