Saturday, October 25, 2008

15 Days

It has been approximately 15 days since I last updated my blog. Shame on me! I know, but oh well.
I have commitment issues I'm sure.
Things that have happened lately:
  • I've lost part of my big toe nail. Ouch.
  • Almost popped my kneecap out of socket.
  • Bruised my knee all to hell.
  • Lost 10 lbs.
  • Colored my hair.
  • Bought things: Hair stuff, new nail polish, and a stress ball.
  • Carved my first pumpkin.
I've been busy. I thought I would update things keeping everyone in the loop.

Lets start off with my new "de-stressing" ball. It's green and about the size of a baseball, and says Peace. :D The scent of lavender is released when you squeeze it too, one of my favorites. I'm excited to just mess with it!
Things have been fairly simple, less homework, Japan planning has been slow to none, and for the most part I've been relaxed. Except for the various injuries. D:
My English paper is not really coming on but I'll wing it since it's due in a week and a half. I'm amazing sometimes. I think there's really nothing else to write. I need more topics more drama.


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